13 Things We All Need To Start Doing Immediately


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It’s easy to get stuck in a monotonous routine without realizing it. Most people think that being in a rut means you’re miserable and that’s not necessarily true. You can find yourself being happy enough, which is scary because you aren’t quite sad, but you’ll never push yourself to be a better person because you’re good enough. Here are 13 things we should all start doing to, not only make ourselves better, but to improve the lives of those around us.

1. Watch a movie with your phone completely turned off. I don’t mean on silent either. Let yourself get lost in the movie and stop checking the amount of likes your Facebook status got for 90 minutes.

2. Go buy a new pillow. You’ve been sleeping on that old one for years and it’s falling apart. You’ll improve your quality of sleep as well as how you feel in…

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day 9.

525,600 minutes.

525,000 moments so dear.

525,600 minutes… how do you measure, measure a year?


Im Pia and I love coffee.

that being stated, I feel the need to further elaborate my loose use of the word “love.” It may have been used to describe an acceptable (to my personal standards) level of addiction, dependence, fascination, intrigue, interest, passion and mild enslavement. so yes, I do love coffee.

This morning, swirling with my usual set of early morning musings, I realized that I now favor strict black brewed coffee. Yes, it is dead-to-the-tongue bitter but I seem to be completed by its presence in my system from just one sip (or maybe a huge gulp).

Later in the day, I got another cup from a coffee shop near where I had a “meeting.” The barista asked me for my name and being my effervescent (the fizzy kind) self I said “Pia with a P” with such a high spirit. A few minutes later, I got this.
hearted P

After the “meeting,” I went to another coffee shop to work. Laptop on desk, organizer opened, colored pens ready, coffee on hand, I was ready.
But I wasn’t too enthusiastic about work that afternoon (HAHA) so I demanded an impromptu coffee-date with a friend whom I knew was in the area. She obliged.

We talked about LIFE and had mature realizations of what was, those that are currently and the daunting could be. It was refreshing; much like sipping a generously iced americano with raw sugar. It made its mark, left its hint, gave me a boost and left me feeling oddly, interestingly and much gratefully renewed.

I knew that this year would not be dramatically different from all the other years before it. It will have its share of “hell-hath-no-fury burned tongues”, “overly sweetened blended stuff”, “why the hell am I drinking this shit”, “too white there is no room for black (and vice versa)” and many other cups that I have and will soon encounter but luckily there would always be an entity; be it a thing, person, place, moment, desire… which may be pulled into “my quaint coffee corner” allowing me to realize that I have the ability to make sense of it with a dash (or sometimes heaps of) love.

measure your life in love.